Atlanta! Do you know where your food comes from?

I am a Food Warrior. I am going to inspire you to be one too. The only
qualification that you need is to be an eater. So that means the
entire population of Atlanta, and even the United States and the world
can be Food Warriors. Wow. That would be awesome. But for now, I’ll do
my best to lay some tracks to Food Warriorhood. And I’ll lay these
tracks every week until I am confident enough that you have joined
this Warriorhood, and that I have done this cause justice. And even
when I reach this milestone, I’ll find another food milestone pursue.

So what exactly is a Food Warrior? Well, it’s what Real Time Farms
have coined for interns they recruit to explore the transparency of
food in cities around the country. And as Food Warrior interns, we get
to have some fun communicating this through social media, which is why
this blog exists. But, this blog also exists to entice you to be a
Food Warrior too. The beauty of this is you aren’t compelled to blog,
photograph, document, and broadcast. You’re merely compelled to eat,
and to eat good food that can be traced to its point of origin. The
origin may be here, in Atlanta, or it may be an origin in another city
or community where you reside, or where the food just comes from. The
whole point of being a Food Warrior is to champion the fact that all
eaters deserve to know more about where their food comes from. There
are no ulterior motives to this. You are not paid to eat good food. I
am not paid to document food transparency. Nope, there really is no
motive other than to know where those tasty morsels have come from.
Once we all know a bit more about how our food evolves into those
morsels, we are in a position to make some decisions. Do we choose to
the status quo? Or do we choose the chance to be more informed,
empowered, and conscientious about our food choices? I leave that
choice to you, but choose once you have been a Food Warrior long
enough to make that call. After all, it would seem rather silly to run
to a car dealership and just buy a car on the spot without some prior
research, a test drive and maybe some shopping around. Right? So why
treat our food this way? Get out there, do your research, test drive
all the food sources you can round-up and shop around. Then sit back,
enjoy each morsel and know that the food you have put in your body is
traceable, is from a sound source and is from a place as tangible as
the flavors it imparts on your taste buds.


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