Hunger is knocking on our doors

I’ve been thinking a lot about food lately. Granted, I’m still nursing my now sixteen month old boy, so to say I’m ravenous most of the time is downplaying things.

But I’ve been thinking about ‘what if’ scenarios too. What if we were experiencing food shortages here, and my food was being rationed which meant I would be hungrier than I am while trying to nurse? Hmm. Not an ideal scenario at all. Do not want to think about this and don’t want to be a doomsayer… but honestly, it’s hard not too. It seems that daily I am reading articles on the global impact our severe drought and corn shortages have had on food prices, about impending hunger in unstable countries, of hunger that never leaves developing countries in crisis. And yes, here I have noticed that food prices are on an upward trend, but fortunately my family can afford to eat healthily, even if it means cutting back on other expenses.

But what about families who have already seen their food budgets stretched beyond recognition. Does this mean the already stretched food banks are going to turn people away? Ration food? What exactly? And in the same heartbeat, I am sickened to read that school children are tossing out perfectly good and nutritious food in protest against the new nutrition standards being implemented in schools nation wide. It is also very likely that many of these subsidized meals are for children who need them, who come from families with those stretched food budgets, but because there isn’t enough pizza and fries and more fruits and vegetables, they’re mad and don’t want the latter. What? Sickening. Elsewhere in the world, as these school children toss their apples into the trash, a child is starving to death.

Wake up folks. If we’re not careful. the drought we’re experiencing and the other frightening climate changes we’re witnessing may put our food production in jeopardy. And because our global market likes to play with our food prices too, we, the consumers, are being played where it hurts the most. Our wallets. Take these forces, combined with everything else we have going on in our tumultuous world, and you may have hunger knocking at your door.


One thought on “Hunger is knocking on our doors

  1. It is so sad that kids are throwing away perfect food when so many are hungry. If we could just instill some empathy into our younger generation we could jumpstart change. Great post!

    Chief Seed Sower

    Light of Mine
    Seeds of Hope

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