Stay Hungry my Friends

It’s hard not to miss the food movement. The Morning Show dedicated its entire program to food, describing this movement and ‘foodie-ism’ as reaching a critical mass. Everywhere you turn, there are news clips on farmers’ markets, chefs concocting sample menus using local food and nitrous oxide, fruit and vegetable trucks trying to tackle ‘food deserts’… .

Everyday I struggle to truly understand what is happening. On one end of the spectrum is the food hipster donning an ‘Ergo’ baby carrier and browsing the farmers’ market vendors for the next hot vegetable that will become the discussion piece at their dinner party. Then somewhere in the middle are urban farmers working hard to infiltrate green space in ‘food deserts‘ so that good food can be a right for all communities. In between these two are all kinds of movements, from young farmers to families believing that food consciousness is critical for preserving our food heritage and planet. And then there is the ‘other’ end of the spectrum. I consider this end the general consumer, and I consider it to be a BIG end. It includes the consumer who tries to buy organic but gets confused with all the options in the supermarket. The consumer who has no clue whatsoever of how their food choices leave a carbon footprint too. The consumer who wants to support farmers’ markets but has a hard time parting with $4 for a bunch of greens. And lastly, the consumer I think a lot about. The one who is a single mom, holding down two jobs, on food stamps, doing her best to feed her kids, and feeling overwhelmed because the government doesn’t want her to buy certain foods, but her friends insist that organic cheerios are much healthier for her kids, even if these cost $2 more than the regular brands… .

So that’s why I’ll always be hungry, hungry to learn more, and hungry to do more, because in this food movement are MANY movements just trying to make sense of food and our purpose in all this. Some have just been harvested, others have been curing for decades, ready on only now to share their fullest potentials, and then there’s a few ready for sprouting… by your hand.

Honestly, there are no clear solutions to combating obesity or to making organic food a right for all. But there are simple strategies we can all prescribe to our bodies, pockets, and philosophies to make us more mindful of our food. And because we all have to eat, I believe that no matter the circumstances, we are all hungry for knowledge regarding good food, better health, and a happier planet.

This week we celebrate a holiday around food and thanks. What a great week to think about food, and what you, the consumer, can do to be more mindful. No need to wait until the New Year. Do it now. And then join me each week at my table as I share with you news, ideas, passions, and discussions about our food and how we can be more mindful.

In other words, stay hungry my friends. My table is going to be full!


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