A small effort can be a big deal

A year ago I gave my ‘lil guy a Thomas the Train ‘sing-a-long’ book. There was a place to write his name.

A year later I just got around to writing in his name and recording our sing-a-long songs, although it’s mainly me singing and him offering commentary… .

I don’t scrap book. I don’t really journal anymore. And his baby book is somewhat completed. We have an email account for him and every so often, when he’s been on a roll saying awfully hilarious things, I send an email to tell him. And when I have a block of time (I have no idea when this last happened) I put together a photo book, the kind that are printed and bound and just awesome. In other words, I’m a great mom but a mediocre biographer of his life.

So this Thomas book is a big deal, even though it’s not a big thing. I mean, scribing his name and recording the songs are things I could have done over and over again but there was always something to do or just no point in doing it because, why bother? I’m a mediocre biographer… . But I feel pretty chuffed with myself. Actually, I’m SO happy I finally did this. Geez. Nominate me the worst procrastinator ever.

But I have to say that the ‘feeling chuffed’ part got me thinking. I accomplished something so small but so very meaningful and I felt good. So why not think about our nutrition and health this way too?

In my past encounters counseling clients, the common thread is that change is tough. Once all their food choices and behaviors are written down and more transparent, they tend to experience an overwhelming sense to change everything, yesterday, but then to resist this change because, well, it’s just too much! I have always encouraged self-identification of one area to start with, to tackle and nail down. But translating this into effective change post-session is challenging because the distractions to do ‘something else’ are real, and often lead to ‘just go back to the old habits’.

So here’s my thoughts. Just stop in you tracks now and do something. Anything. Something you’ve been meaning to do but just haven’t done for a myriad of reasons (too tired, too stuck in habits, too distracted). It could be as simple as ‘I’ll eat an apple now’ (because you never do) or it could be ‘STOP! Get your hand out that bag of chips!’. Just do it.

Sure, my Thomas sing-a-long book may be a laugh compared to changing a poor eating habit. But, it’s still me dealing with delaying an obvious that has meaning to me, and now that I’ve done it, I’m just in a slightly more content place than I was.

A bad habit broken. The habit of delaying…


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