Welcome to Peas & Food


Heard the phrase ‘Mind your p’s and q’s’? A little history…

Printing apprentices had to be mindful of how they placed the ‘p’ and ‘q’ because an upside down ‘q’ was easily mistaken for a ‘p’.

Second, pubs kept tally of their patron’s drinks by using ‘p’ for ‘pint’ and q for ‘quart’.

But for most of us, hearing this meant be mindful of your manners and say ‘please’ and ‘thank-you’.

By now you’re wondering how this has anything to do with food and nutrition?

Like the printing apprentices, we are mindful of what we eat but we also make mistakes. Food and nutrition literacy is an important skill to help you understand what makes sense to eat for your health, and why we need to be mindful consumers in an age of sustainability.

And although we have high tech gadgets and apps to help us keep tally of what we eat, we still find ourselves confused or frustrated about what we need to tally. Tallying isn’t just about calories, it’s about nutritional bang for the buck too.

And last, we are all in need of food manners and etiquette. Meal times used to follow rituals. Food was handled more kindly. And no one used to eat while multi-tasking or being glued to smart phones.

We all need to re-learn what food and eating means to use to become better, more mindful consumers.

Let Mind Your Peas & Food help you enhance your food and nutrition literacy, tally your food and reclaim food etiquette.

You’ll love every minute of it!


One thought on “Welcome to Peas & Food

  1. Indeed I get frustrated and confused with all that’s on offer out there, what’s good, bad or just plain ugly has me in a “pickle” sometimes as to what the real deal on healthy food really is. Look forward to your guidance and suggestions for a happier, healthier eating lifestyle!

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