How Can Peas & Food be of Service

Do you want to learn more about sustainable food & how this can fit your lifestyle & resources?

Are you trying to follow a more healthy & nutritious life?

Does your organization need access to cutting edge & progressive nutrition resources that bolster existing services & resources?

You’re at the right place.

At Peas & Food, Jessica Avasthi cares deeply about:

  • You or your organization understanding & achieving health and wellness
  • Being informed and mindful food consumers in the 21st century.

We can be of service.

For individuals & families:

  • One-to-one nutrition & wellness counseling (offer Skype or FaceTime as options)
  • Budget-friendly & tech-savvy navigation of available food resources
  • In-home pantry makeovers & menu planning
  • Resources to encourage convenient and nutritious family meals
  • Enhancing food choices to meet budgets, health and food philosophies

For Sustainable Food Producers & Organizations (Farmers, Food Hubs, Food Policy Councils, Non-profits)

  • Development & implementation of health and wellness strategies or curricula
  • Consultant for funding opportunities geared around nutrition programs
  • Development of nutrition-related consumer-focused marketing materials geared around food products & services
  • Food & cooking demos that showcase products

For corporations & healthcare organizations

  • Provision of health & wellness sessions
  • Food etiquette – understanding the values of sustainable food
  • Development & implementation of wellness policies
  • Consulting services for local & sustainable food procurement
  • Food shopping tours & menu planning for busy professionals
  • Nutrition education & cooking sessions

For the media

  • Expert perspectives on nutrition, health and wellness hot topics
  • 101 on food sustainability (navigating seasonal eating to pesticides in our food supply) for diverse audiences
  • Experience in television, radio and web-based media outlets

For more information, including pricing, payment options & other services not listed, feel free to contact Mind Your Peas & Food:


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